• An assessment visit will take place at Happy Trails.
  • Following the assessment, we will provide a personalized program tailored to meet each participant’s needs, abilities, adaptability and availability
  •  Services will be extended to children and adults with physical, developmental and psychological disabilities
  •  The family members of the participants are welcome to take an active role in the program or they can choose to take advantage of the respite cabin available on premises
  •  Group activities and group day programming available
  •  Half or full day sessions are also available

At Happy Trails, we understand that not all participants are comfortable in a group setting therefore the programming offered will be specifically designed to satisfy each participant’s needs and may vary to include horseback riding according to the mobility and circumstances of each participant. The flexibility of the program will ensure that all participants have a pleasant, satisfying and rewarding experience. The program offers a hands-on approach and will be modified where necessary so participants can take an active role in the day to day care, grooming and feeding of the farm animals. They will also have the option of participating in the farms daily living activities. A better understanding of farm life, the animal and the food chain will be acquired.
Basic horse care will be demonstrated and practiced by the participants. They will have the opportunity to create a bond with his/her horse by grooming and caring for this animal before riding occurs. This will help alleviate some of the anxiety that can be associated with riding for some of our participants.

Included in the program are nature walks in a wooded area with proximity to a beaver pond alongside the Mer Bleu conservation area. In this setting, children and adults will be able to learn about the eco-system of our area. A wagon ride will transport the participants to this scenic setting of the property.

The participants may take part in an organic gardening experience; a great way to learn about the different vegetables and their origins.

The participants will be encouraged to try their hands at basic woodworking projects such as building, painting and decorating bird houses. Products found on the farm will be included in other craft designing activities.

A variety of activities can be offered; volley-ball, soccer, baseball, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country and ice skating. Team sports will be introduced for skill building purposes in a group environment. Sports skills will be assessed prior to participation thereby giving the participants the opportunity to improve their sports skill while improving their social skills as well. Benefits of group and individual sports give the participant the opportunity to become more self-reliant, confident as well as becoming healthier and physically active.

Available on site is a warm and cozy cabin, where a well deserved rest, snacks and lunches can be enjoyed.

A variety of other activities can be made available and adapted in order to meet the needs of all who are interested in participating in the program. Please feel free to contact us with any specific requests.

Price List

Each participant will have a personalized program established to meet their individual needs and goals. 

Our program consists of a minimum of 4, two hour private sessions.

Start dates and times are flexible and are based on clients needs and availability.

For us to accurately price individual programming, a 1 to 2 hours assessment visit will take place at the farm for a fee of $56.50 (includes GST).  

You are encouraged to give us a call and we can further discuss pricing.